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Illinois Catfishing Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

Join us for a conversation with Wisconsin Carp and Catfish fisherman Travis T, from the land north of us in the Milwaukee area.

Nov 1, 2021

Join us this month for a talk with Ron Milliman, a blind catfisherman from Kentucky, who has a tremendous amount of catfishing knowledge over a lifetime of outings.  We learned a huge amount, and hope that you will as well.

Oct 1, 2021

Danny and Jim see if they can get their "Mojo" back in a lake west of Peoria that is rumored to hide some monster sized catfish.  Will they finally break their slump?

Sep 1, 2021

Jim is flying solo again this month, trying out the new "Castle Rig".  Will he flop again?

Aug 1, 2021

Jim flies solo this month down to East Central Illinois.  The old man next to him says "no catfish in this lake".  Will that portend disaster?